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“May the element of air blow out the old and create space for the new. May each breath bring you closer to your deepest truth, reconnecting you with the parts of yourself that have been forgotten, reminding you of your interconnection with all of life.”


The BREATH, the first thing we do when we are born and the last thing we will do before we die.


Many cultures and ancient traditions know and speak of the power of the breath. It is said to be the bridge between the conscious and the sub conscious, between the seen and the unseen and it requires NOTHING outside of ourselves. 

The breath is an incredible tool we can use to change our physiology. By working with the rhythm of the breath, we can impact our internal state. This is increasingly important in a world wrestling for our attention, where many of us are living over-stimulated, stressed and in a state that our bodies and nervous systems aren’t equipped to handle over the long term. By consciously focusing on the breath, we have the ability to switch out of this stress state (our sympathetic nervous system) and into a rest, digest and healing state (our parasympathetic nervous system), the state in which healing and intuition is accessible.

To respire is to re-spirit.

Sarah is a certified breathwork facilitator through Cacao Mama International and The Medicine of Breath, Somatic Breathwork Intensive, run by Tess Martin. Sarah shares the medicine of breath with deep reverence for the human experience and for the opportunity to be entrusted to hold this space.

Image by Chelsea Gates



The journey with breathwork (when held in a safe and sacred space) is, in my experience, a rich and profound experience that allows us to meet ourselves in depths and expressions we cannot access in normal waking consciousness. In these states we have the ability to access the subconscious and the emotional memory that may be stored and not fully processed so that we are able to complete stress cycles, release emotions that may have never been safe to express and move beyond stories of limitation that may be repeating in our outer reality.

This style of breathwork can gift clarity, insights, visions and new perspectives that bring about healing, rewriting of outdated stories and the felt knowing of our interconnection with all of life. 

Through the experience of breathwork and guided integration, new neurological pathways are activated, that create entirely new ways of being, expressing, thinking, feeling, co-creating and experiencing the world. 



The inner shifts that take place can translate into outer shifts such as:

  • Becoming more responsive rather than reactive (being response-able)

  • Emotional regulation and healthy expression

  • Internal safety

  • Authentic communication and relationships

  • Self trust and intuitive guidance

  • Clarity of path and purpose

  • Positive changes in family dynamics

  • Resilience to life’s ebs and flows

  • The ability to stay centered and connected to Self

  • Less resistance to what you truly desire

The wisdom of the body knows far more than the mind can access alone, somatic breathwork, works with this body wisdom, allowing these deeper places within to express, as you come home to your intuitive and instinctual nature.

Best done with the guidance of a certified facilitator in a small group or one on one setting.

Not recommended if you:

  • Are pregnant

  • Have a heart condition

  • Have a severe mental illness or are taking medication


Are you ready to take the next step and experience the power of the breath for yourself? I would be honoured to share this journey alongside you in either a one off somatic breathwork session, or a 6 session package, for even more support, integration and expansion.

"Sarah’s energy is beautiful, gentle, safe and calming. I had a clear intention in mind and Sarah supported me at my own pace to achieve what I wanted plus so much more.


Over the six weeks I released deep emotions and memories through breathing and the given journalling exercises. I didn’t think 'just breathing’ could shift and alter my life so much.


For the first time in my life I feel like I can breathe a full and uninterrupted breath, which feels so good and so energising. These practices are integrating into my everyday life too, with an awareness, ability and confidence to now breathe through it, helping my system to regulate and find calmness sooner than before. Sometimes it takes one big breath other times 5- 10, but it’s so reassuring to know that what ever emotion is being presented it's safe to be acknowledged and I have experienced first hand that it will pass and it feels so good when it does."


"My heart opened right up, my creativity erupted, and so much peace filtered through every cell of my body.

I was reminded of the immense power of our breath to connect us to our higher power, to our wholeness, and to the peace and power that resides deep within each of us."


"I have been attending Sarah’s breathworks for nearly 2 years. Each offering I have come away with something different, with more layers shredded and more of myself unveiled. Every offering with Sarah is unique and magical. Her offerings are truly medicine for the mind, body and soul.

Sarah’s natural ability to make you feel held, seen and safe within the breathworks has allowed me to fully explore the depths of myself.


With Sarah’s gentle guidance, and facilitating I now feel happier, more confident in myself, more centred and grounded. I used to suffer from anxiety and through Sarah’s breathworks, my experiences with anxiety are now very few and far between.


I have learnt how to self-regulate and listen to myself and how I am feeling and to not be afraid anymore of what I may be currently feeling or experiencing within myself.

During the sessions I have cried, laughed, raged and felt a sense of bliss and peace that I never knew was possible. I am now a much happier and content person and I am growing more comfortable in my own power and femininity everyday.

My 8-year-old daughter once said after having a taste of Sarah’s breathwork ‘if everyone learnt to breathe like this and practiced everyday everyone in the world would be happy’.

I encourage anyone that has been thinking about trying one of her cacao and breathwork ceremonies to give it a go. "


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