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We Welcome you to a weekend of Women's Wisdom, the remembrance of the wisdom within us all

Womens Wisdom | Weekend Retreat,

Dipton, Southland

Friday 17th March - Sunday 19th March

Camp Taringatura, Dipton


Women's Wisdom is a weekend of connecting with the wisdom of your body and the power of your voice, so that you can reclaim your power, speak your truth and live in a way that includes all parts of you.

The messages we receive and experiences we have throughout life can so often leave us disconnected from our body, or feeling like our unique voice isn't valuable and can include shame and shyness about speaking up, having a Voice, being seen and witnessed or getting it right. If we hold on to these messages and experiences, we may end up denying the wisdom of our body, saying yes when we really mean no, overworking, over-giving, being unclear in communication, or not going after the things we truly desire. Living a life that feels less than fulfilling.

We've been there!

As we begin to reconnect to the wisdom of the body and let go of outdated stories, we are able to set clear boundaries, build self trust, say what we mean and take steps towards the things we desire.

When we reclaim our innate wisdom, we begin to live in a way that is authentic and fulfilling, that nourishes our own lives and the lives of those around us.

This is the ongoing practice.

There is absolutely no pre-requisite to have any experience in sound and movement, as inherently the wisdom of our voice and body reveals itself as we come home to its sacred remembering. This is a space in which to be curious and explore the unique quality of your Voice and Body.

What does YOUR voice and movement bring to the collective synergy and sacredness of the field?

We are here to express, remember, allow, and give permission to ALL aspects of our embodied experience.

This is a trauma-informed space where you have permission to take as much time as you need and feel for what is right for you.


Location & Accommodation

Camp Taringatura, South Hillend Dipton Road, Southland

Accommodation is dormitory style. Please BYO bedding. 3 twin rooms are available on request. 

You are also welcome to bring your van, or a tent to sleep in.

All main meals are provided.

Please BYO extra snacks.



Talia Brand:

Talia is a Sound & Somatic Therapist who has worked extensively with sound and embodiment for many years. She weaves tools of sound, embodiment, somatic experiencing, embodied counselling, bodywork & womb work. She has recently completed a 3-year training in Somatic Experiencing (working with trauma through the body based on the work of Peter Levine)

Her studies have included many years of Classical training, moving more into Sound Healing & working with the Voice in a non-linear way through more embodied expression. She has also trained as a somatic sex educator & as an Embodied Counsellor. She completed a 9-month shamanic Womb apprenticeship in 2016 and has done a lot of bodywork, including Kahuna Massage.

She has a particular love of the water element and aims to immerse herself most days in rivers & lakes. She loves whales and the primordial sound & wisdom they hold.

Talia is passionate about women landing their full voice & expression through spirit & matter woven together. Coming home to the sacred remembering and wisdom we already hold inside waiting to be unveiled. She believes in deep listening & presence and in co-creative spaces where each woman weaves her wisdom with the whole.



Sarah Menlove :

Sarah Menlove is a certified Cacao, breathwork and embodied ecstatic dance facilitator. She is a facilitator of grounded, heart centered, transformational experiences and embodied ritual journeys, using movement and breath as tools to break through the limits of the mind, to support participants to access more of themselves, their fullest expression and their innate wholeness.



This is for you if you want to:

* Feel more confident in expressing yourself

* Feel grounded and centered amongst life's ups and downs

* Create more freedom in your body and movement expression

* Enhance self acceptance

* Let go of fear and trust yourself

* Feel more connected to yourself and those around you

* Own your unique voice and authentic expression



What you may take away from the weekend:

· Gaining tools to express a wider range of vocal expression in speaking & sounding

· More acceptance of your voice and letting go of old patterns and stories around your voice

· Experience of opening the throat to let the voice come through the whole body.

· Increased sensation & feeling through breath, sound & movement

· Increased awareness around ‘who is my voice and how does it show up in the world’

· Yin ways of opening into the body and voice

· More connection with your womb

· Increased connection with nature & the elements.

· Increased awareness of your nervous system.

· Permission to be seen & witnessed in ALL parts of you.

· Connection with sisterhood and like-minded women.

What you will experience during our time together:

* Cacao ceremony

* Somatic practices

* Womb connection practices

* Embodied movement experiences

* Breathwork

* Connecting more with your authentic Voice through speaking & sounding

* Nature

* Shared meals

* Opportunities for alone time and connection


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"Sarah is a sacred space holder of true integrity. She is wise, strong, caring and has a powerful transmission in her offerings. With Sarah I feel safe and I always have profound experiences that are cathartic, empowering and liberating. For those seeking their way home, Sarah is the real deal."

Kate W

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