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You are invited to step into this transformational journey uncover more of YOU


If you are here reading this it is no mistake, there is a part of you that knows there's more... Your Wild Feminine Spirit is calling you to REMEMBER



Your JOY


As a gift to this world and all those around you.

You did not come here to play small or to be like everyone else!

We have so many experiences throughout or lives that cut us off from our wholeness, that have us falsely believe that certain parts of ourselves are wrong, bad or unloveable. So we go about our lives only expressing certain parts of ourselves, living cut in half, sometimes without even knowing it.

For some, we deny our sexuality,

for others our rage,

or our sensitivity,

or our wildness,

or the desires that we long for but don't believe are possible for us,

or all of the above plus some...

And the parts of ourselves that we deny, suppress, judge about ourselves and shove beneath the surface end up unconsciously ruling our lives. We either take it out on ourselves or become so numb to what we're actually feeling that we feel like we're hardly living at all.

Then one day we find ourselves thinking yet again, "there's got to be more than this"...

If you've felt this way, it's because a part of you is calling you home.

It's time to remember who you were before the world told you who you needed to be.

Welcome, Liberated Woman, now is YOUR time! I look forward to sharing the journey with you!





  • Enhance connection with yourself and all of life

  • Clear what’s holding you back

  • Open to receive

  • Trust yourself and your path


You'll know this is for you if you:

Find yourself getting stuck in the mind, overthinking, or being ruled by logic

Want to access more freedom of expression and use your body to move energy and connect with your intuition

Want to be able to let go of control and create more fun and freedom in your life

Are done with seeking for all the answers “out there” and want to listen within

Want to be held in sacred space each week, where you get to be ALL OF YOU, the beautiful, the messy, the wild, the loving, the fierce, the grieving and everything in between

Are excited by what lies in the unexplored, unexpressed places and want to uncover more of YOU


  • Deepen self trust and ability to follow your intuition/body wisdom

  • Enhance connection with your true self

  • Open up to purpose, potentials & gifts that you may not have accessed before


  • Feel at home in your skin 

  • Move energy and process emotions in a healthy way

  • Ground, center and create states of calm

  • Let go of stories or beliefs that have been holding you back

  • ENHANCE vitality, energy, joy and connection with all of life

  • Connect with a group of incredible souls, who want to see you rise


There is so much potential here for you and I trust that you will receive what is meant for you for this moment in time and that each person will receive what is needed for their highest good and the highest good of all.


You might be someone who...

  • Already has some experience with somatic practices and wants a space to explore, with extra guidance and the time to share and process your experiences.

  • Wants to take what you experience in these journeys into your daily life, with take home practices and ways to continue to support yourself outside of our sessions.

  • Are new to working with the body in this way and want the support and energy of a group that gathers weekly, so you can get to know yourself and others through this time together.

  • Knows that you benefit from accountability and guidance to go deeper into your experiences than you could on your own.

  • Loves the idea of gathering in sacred space every week for 6 weeks, with a like-minded group, where you get to learn from one another.


What is Somatic dance... and do I have to be able to dance??

Somatic dance is one of the modalities I work with that supports participants to access their inner liberation through movement. Before we could talk, we could move. Somatic dance allows us to come back into connection with the most innate parts of ourselves, where we can freely express things that in our day-to-day lives we might tend to suppress. 

It is a guided practice, without steps, or outcome, facilitated and paired with a music soundscape that takes participants into a journey within the feeling layers of the body. 

It's not about looking pretty, getting it right, or moving for anyone else. The somatic dance journey is an opportunity to drop out of the head, move with and through limitations, fears & doubts to access more freedom, joy, self-love and trust in the wisdom of your body.

Here, we have the opportunity to create new pathways of belief AND being, remembering the divinity dancing through our cells and our interconnection with all of life.

Sarah is a Level 2 certified Somatic Dance Facilitator through Sarsha Hope's Somatic Dance Teacher Training.


WEEK ONE: Opening Ceremony with Cacao & Breathwork

In our opening session we will open our sacred space together, connecting as a group, welcoming your intentions and beginning to journey deeper into WHAT CALLED YOU HERE.

Includes: Cacao Ceremony, gentle somatic practices to arrive in your body, guided breath & meditation journey.


WEEK TWO: Liberate Your Sensuality, Somatic Dance Journey

Reclaim the innocence & radiance of your sensuality as your ability to connect with all of life. Transform any outdated beliefs that have caused you to shut down this part of you, so you can deeply receive your life, welcoming pleasure and aliveness to guide you. Guided by what feels GOOD!

WEEK THREE: Liberate Your Breath, Somatic Breathwork Journey

Give yourself permission to let go of anything you've been carrying and open up to receive higher perspective.

This style of breathwork has the potential for deep healing and release of trauma that has been stored in the body, allowing for the completion of stress cycles and ability to move beyond limitations to gain clarity, wisdom & connection to a higher perspective. Previous participants have found this to be an empowering process, of self-trust & liberation of expression beyond the thinking mind. The length of this breathwork session will depend on the group and what would most serve.

WEEK FOUR: Liberate Your Wild Woman, Somatic Dance Journey

Many of us have learned that this part of us is "too much", leading to making ourselves "smaller" to keep others comfortable, people pleasing, or shutting down our voice. During this journey you will have the opportunity to let go of stories of being "too much" and reclaim your inner Wild Woman who knows her rage is sacred, who moves to the beat of her own drum & who allows herself to TAKE UP SPACE.

WEEK FIVE: Liberate Your Playfulness & Joy, Somatic Dance Journey

When did it all become so serious!? When did you learn that you were "too old to play", or that you always had to be productive. One of the most liberating things we can do is give ourselves permission to have FUN, for no reason & no outcome. This journey is an opportunity to remember your childlike curiosity, playfulness & joy and welcome this energy into more of your life. This is where the magic truly is!

WEEK SIX: Closing Ceremony with Cacao & Somatic Dance

CONGRATULATIONS YOU MADE IT! We will close our journey together with a beautiful ritual to honour who you have become and acknowledge the journey you have been on individually and as a group.

Session includes: Ceremonial Cacao, movement based ritual, gentle breathwork, guided meditation journey & sharing circle.

An invitation to stay and share food at the completion.


Each week will include the main session in-person, as well as an email with reflections that include a combination of journaling prompts and pre-recorded practices for you to deepen into the themes between sessions.

There will also be a private group chat to share & connect with one another.

Sessions are a mixture of tools I have gained over the last 5+ years, including somatic dance, somatic breathwork, gentle integrative breathwork, energy techniques, subconscious belief work & sacred space.


If you want to access more of your potential, open up to wisdom and insights and live in a way that is grounded and centered,

I would be honoured to share this journey with you!


By committing to this journey you are committing to joining for the 6 weeks, this will support you to get the most out of this series and to show up for yourself and your potential even when it feels challenging, uncomfortable, or when obstacles arise. These are all signs that you are on the edge of transformation and I highly encourage you to keep leaning in, to trust this experience, trust yourself and to really show up for what this journey has to offer you.

Allow a deeper wisdom to guide you!

You are here for a reason.

What untapped potential lies within we do not know

but we know it is as vast and as infinite as creation itself,

We come to explore the edges,

To drop the false masks,

To free the limitations,

To become more of who we came here to be in this life-time,

Liberated Women



6 X In-Person Group Embodiment Journeys Including:

2 X Cacao Ceremonies

3 X Somatic Dance Journeys

1 X Somatic Breathwork Session

2 X Zoom Integration Calls, during week 4 & week 6 (day & time TBC)

Support via group chat between sessions

Integration practices



or 3 Payments of $175


or 3 Payments of $190

VIP BUNDLE- ADD 3 x 1:1 sessions to support your integration or prepare for your journey for an

additional $500 or add to your payment plan.

Personalised payment plans are available to suit your needs and can include the VIP upgrade. Please contact me to discuss and personally arrange.

Thank you for choosing to arrive here, I look forward to journeying alongside you!


I have tuly and unapologetically stepped into my true authentic self and am damn proud of the woman that I am today.

I have embraced all of me!

All the masks have dropped and I now have NOTHING to hide.

I have felt all the feels, some good, some bad, some uncomfortable, but there's been lessons in all of the experiences.

Growth has been next level 💯

Boundaries have been put in place and I am now more connected and in tune with what my body is telling me it needs.

I was lucky enough to be apart of life changing space created by the beautiful Sarah Menlove where you are encouraged and guided through your own somatic journey.....this journey taught me so much about myself and I will be forever grateful 🙏

Have a read about what Sarah offers in this 6 week course and if you feel the pull, or resonate, I encourage you to reach out to Sarah, you won't regret it.

This has been the best investment in myself and I will not look back 💫🔥💚

Rachel R


"I gained the ability to be with my emotions rather than avoiding them. I now have more self awareness, about how I feel and what I need.

I was able to show up authentically each week and explore a different way of being in my life. I felt so safe and supported within the group and have now done 3 of these journeys!"


Jane E

"Sarah’s energy is beautiful, gentle, safe and calming. I had a clear intention in mind and Sarah supported me at my own pace to achieve what I wanted plus so much more.


Over the six weeks I released deep emotions and memories through breathing and the given journalling exercises. I didn’t think 'just breathing’ could shift and alter my life so much.


For the first time in my life I feel like I can breathe a full and uninterrupted breath, which feels so good and so energising. These practices are integrating into my everyday life too, with an awareness, ability and confidence to now breathe through it, helping my system to regulate and find calmness sooner than before. Sometimes it takes one big breath other times 5- 10, but it’s so reassuring to know that what ever emotion is being presented it's safe to be acknowledged and I have experienced first hand that it will pass and it feels so good when it does."


"My heart opened right up, my creativity erupted, and so much peace filtered through every cell of my body.

I was reminded of the immense power of our breath to connect us to our higher power, to our wholeness, and to the peace and power that resides deep within each of us."


"I have been attending Sarah’s breathworks for nearly 2 years. Each offering I have come away with something different, with more layers shredded and more of myself unveiled. Every offering with Sarah is unique and magical. Her offerings are truly medicine for the mind, body and soul.

Sarah’s natural ability to make you feel held, seen and safe within the breathworks has allowed me to fully explore the depths of myself.


With Sarah’s gentle guidance, and facilitating I now feel happier, more confident in myself, more centred and grounded. I used to suffer from anxiety and through Sarah’s breathworks, my experiences with anxiety are now very few and far between.


I have learnt how to self-regulate and listen to myself and how I am feeling and to not be afraid anymore of what I may be currently feeling or experiencing within myself.

During the sessions I have cried, laughed, raged and felt a sense of bliss and peace that I never knew was possible. I am now a much happier and content person and I am growing more comfortable in my own power and femininity everyday.

My 8-year-old daughter once said after having a taste of Sarah’s breathwork ‘if everyone learnt to breathe like this and practiced everyday everyone in the world would be happy’.

I encourage anyone that has been thinking about trying one of her cacao and breathwork ceremonies to give it a go. "


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