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In all the doing, achieving & striving to "get somewhere" have you forgotten (or dimmed down) your MAGIC??


It's time to slow down, reconnect with your

heart,  let go of trying to figure it all out and instead embrace the unknown and pure potential, guided by your Soul


SOUL-LED WOMAN is a four month ceremonial & somatic journey for creatives, heart leaders & soul-preneurs, who desire to be held in a sacred space to receive unique visions and insights, release emotional blockages and come home to your body wisdom, to remember & reclaim the magic of YOU, so you can express more of your unique spark into the world.


Let go of thinking, limitation, or previous ways of doing things and open up to what wants to come through you, that is far beyond what the mind may be able to comprehend, as the powerful co-creator of your reality. 





  • Feminine Radiance

  • Self Trust & Intuition

  • Embodied Wisdom

  • Freedom of Expression


You'll know this is for you if you:

Want to feel lit the F up in your life & your creations, like the magic is pouring through you

Find yourself getting stuck in the mind, overthinking, or being overly busy, at the expense of your joy & playfulness

Want to access more freedom of expression and become a clear channel for your creations to birth through

Want to be able to let go of control and create more fun and freedom in all aspects of your life

Are done with seeking for all the answers “out there” and want to listen within

Want to be held in sacred space with like-minded souls, where you get to be ALL OF YOU, the beautiful, the messy, the wild, the loving, the fierce, the grieving and everything in-between, bringing together your humanity AND your divinity

Are excited by what lies in the unexplored, unexpressed places and want to uncover more of YOU and who you get to BECOME


  • Monthly Cacao Journeys to, receive the visions meant for you, connect with Spirit guides & open up to your unlimited potential. Think of this as a space to remember your magick!

  • Monthly Somatic Dance Journeys to communicate with deeper layers of your body, clearing limiting beliefs, stored emotions & embodying your fullest expression

  • Monthly Breathwork Journeys to, clear your channel, releasing emotional blockages & energy from past experiences, opening to a higher perspective & your intuitive guidance.

  • Monthly Soul Circles to support you to integrate your experiences & share within community

  • Private Group Chat for support between sessions, sharing your wins and witnessing one another

  • Recordings of each of the sessions so you can come back to them again and again.

Please know that the way I create the most impactful experiences is in response to the needs of the specific group in front of me. The exact themes within these sessions will depend on WHO is in the group, what is needed and the ENERGY OF THE MOMENT.


You might be someone who...

  • Already has some experience with somatic practices, or your own at home practices and you want a space to explore these more, with extra guidance and the time to share and process your experiences.

  • Wants to take what you experience in these journeys into your daily life, so that what you feel and experience is translated into REAL LIFE shifts in your experience of yourself and your world.

  • Are new to working with the body in this way and want the support and energy of a group that gathers weekly, so you can get to know yourself and others through this time together.

  • Knows that you benefit from guidance to go deeper into your experiences than you could on your own.

  • Loves the idea of gathering in sacred space every week for an entire four months to see just how much could shift and open up within you over this time.



Having sacred space held for you each week for 4 months, while you shed the layers holding you back, open up to more of your potential and bring your unique visions to life.

Imagine who you will be on the other side of this and how this version of you will move through the world, the lives YOU will impact and the MAGIC that you will create.

And sharing this journey with an incredible group of women who are on their own unique journeys, celebrating and supporting one another to shine.

What called your Soul here...? Are you ready to find out?


  • Enhance your connection with your true self

  • Open up to purpose, potentials & gifts that you may not have accessed before


  • Feel more empowered, radiant & ALIVE 

  • Move energy and process emotions in a healthy way

  • Experience profound healing and spiritual guidance

  • Let go of outdated beliefs that have been holding you back

  • Enhance your vitality, energy, joy and connection with all of life

  • Be part of a group of like-minded Souls to support & celebrate one another, as we remember together


It would be an honour to share this journey with you!



Monthly Embodied Alchemy:

Cacao Ceremony

Somatic Movement Journey

Somatic Breathwork Journey

Group Integration Session

Private group for support & sharing between sessions


$1497 NZD upfront 

or 4 Payments of $399

VIP BUNDLE- Group Journey PLUS 4 x 1:1 sessions to support your integration ~ $2400 upfront 

or 4 payments of $660

Personalised payment plans are available to suit your needs and can include the VIP upgrade. Please contact me to discuss and personally arrange.

Thank you for choosing to arrive here, I look forward to journeying alongside you!


I have tuly and unapologetically stepped into my true authentic self and am damn proud of the woman that I am today.

I have embraced all of me!

All the masks have dropped and I now have NOTHING to hide.

I have felt all the feels, some good, some bad, some uncomfortable, but there's been lessons in all of the experiences.

Growth has been next level 💯

Boundaries have been put in place and I am now more connected and in tune with what my body is telling me it needs.

I was lucky enough to be apart of life changing space created by the beautiful Sarah Menlove where you are encouraged and guided through your own somatic journey.....this journey taught me so much about myself and I will be forever grateful 🙏

Have a read about what Sarah offers in this 6 week course and if you feel the pull, or resonate, I encourage you to reach out to Sarah, you won't regret it.

This has been the best investment in myself and I will not look back 💫🔥💚

Rachel R


"I gained the ability to be with my emotions rather than avoiding them. I now have more self awareness, about how I feel and what I need.

I was able to show up authentically each week and explore a different way of being in my life. I felt so safe and supported within the group and have now done 3 of these journeys!"


Jane E

"Sarah’s energy is beautiful, gentle, safe and calming. I had a clear intention in mind and Sarah supported me at my own pace to achieve what I wanted plus so much more.


Over the six weeks I released deep emotions and memories through breathing and the given journalling exercises. I didn’t think 'just breathing’ could shift and alter my life so much.


For the first time in my life I feel like I can breathe a full and uninterrupted breath, which feels so good and so energising. These practices are integrating into my everyday life too, with an awareness, ability and confidence to now breathe through it, helping my system to regulate and find calmness sooner than before. Sometimes it takes one big breath other times 5- 10, but it’s so reassuring to know that what ever emotion is being presented it's safe to be acknowledged and I have experienced first hand that it will pass and it feels so good when it does."


"My heart opened right up, my creativity erupted, and so much peace filtered through every cell of my body.

I was reminded of the immense power of our breath to connect us to our higher power, to our wholeness, and to the peace and power that resides deep within each of us."


"I have been attending Sarah’s breathworks for nearly 2 years. Each offering I have come away with something different, with more layers shredded and more of myself unveiled. Every offering with Sarah is unique and magical. Her offerings are truly medicine for the mind, body and soul.

Sarah’s natural ability to make you feel held, seen and safe within the breathworks has allowed me to fully explore the depths of myself.


With Sarah’s gentle guidance, and facilitating I now feel happier, more confident in myself, more centred and grounded. I used to suffer from anxiety and through Sarah’s breathworks, my experiences with anxiety are now very few and far between.


I have learnt how to self-regulate and listen to myself and how I am feeling and to not be afraid anymore of what I may be currently feeling or experiencing within myself.

During the sessions I have cried, laughed, raged and felt a sense of bliss and peace that I never knew was possible. I am now a much happier and content person and I am growing more comfortable in my own power and femininity everyday.

My 8-year-old daughter once said after having a taste of Sarah’s breathwork ‘if everyone learnt to breathe like this and practiced everyday everyone in the world would be happy’.

I encourage anyone that has been thinking about trying one of her cacao and breathwork ceremonies to give it a go. "


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  • Soul Led Woman

    May 20, 2024 - Sep 28, 2024 • 10 Participants

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