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Feminine Remembering A 3 part Soul Series to connect with the medicine wihtin.png

You have unique medicine within you.

It is time to remember...

Welcome to this 3 part Soul Series: 4th, 5th & 6th April

Powerful woman, you've known it for a while, that there is MORE within you, that you have unique gifts and soul expressions to bring to the world at this time. It's time to stop watering down all that you know you came here to be. It's time to remember the medicine within.

I know what it's like to feel the frustration and ache of being torn between two worlds and the identities that go with them. Between who you have been and known yourself to be and who you know you are becoming. 

And I know what it's like to follow the calling of your soul, even when it may not make logical or rational sense, to feel the passion & purpose that comes from living this way.

It's not a journey for the faint hearted, it requires courage, faith & the willingness to meet the fire of your own inner transformation. If you've arrived here, courageous soul, I know you have all of these and so much more!

There is a depth that has been rising and a higher truth than has been landing. You may know there is a unique medicine you are here to bring through, or you may have no idea what that is just yet.


What matters is not "where you're at", what matters is that you feel it:

That what you're currently doing is falling away and something new is coming.

You are being invited into a whole new ownership of your authentic expression and the gifts already within you.

And you are ready to open to what is truly here for you now,

When you embody your fullness, own your authentic expression and step into your power.

In the shedding of the old, in the space in between and the reclamation of your authentic expression is the remembrance of your medicine. 

This 3 part SOUL SERIES is an experiential journey to:

1. RELEASE- What may be currently holding you back from truly honouring the potency of the medicine within you

2. RECLAIM- Your power by welcoming all the parts of yourself to join you in this journey

3. REMEMBER- The magic that you hold and medicine you bring by being YOU

If this speaks to you, I would be honoured to share this journey with you. 

All that is required is your full participation, your willingness to show up & meet the discomfort and your commitment to your own unique journey. 

All sessions will be run via Facebook live, join our private group (run only for this series) by registering below.

Session times:

Tue 4th April 7:30pm

Wed 5th April 7:30pm

Thur 6th April 7:30pm

Replays available


Over $1000 of giveaways including:

A personalised 1:1 Cacao Journey 

A 1:1 somatic breathwork session

A $500 voucher to put towards any online offering with me in 2023.

I can't wait to see what this unlocks for you!

See you in there magical soul!

I'm ready to Remember

Thank you for joining​! See you soon,

Sarah x


"Sarah knows how to inspire magic! Her energy radiates love and compassion. She has a natural ability to create beautiful potent spaces for radical transformation. The shifts within my being were huge and manifested into incredible life changes.

After our sessions I was floating on a cloud, feeling empowered to make my dreams a reality.

Every cell of my entire being dances with joy and I am so grateful for the love and energy Sarah shared with me.

If you are ready to melt away your doubts, connect deeper with yourself, and expand forward then Sarah is ya girl!"


"Before starting this journey with Sarah, I was feeling frazzled and disconnected from holding a business together with young kids and covid challenges. When I read Sarah’s words, my heart responded with a firm YES. My intention was to reconnect with my spark and my gifts.


Throughout our time together I felt so held and supported. I felt Sarah’s strong commitment to holding space for us. What touched me most was her letting us know “nothing is too much for this space”. This allowed me to let down my guard and things flowed to the surface for healing.


Over this time I gradually remembered what it is that lights me up and what the truest expression of myself feels like. I also had realisations and breakthroughs around my self worth. I’m incredibly grateful this opportunity came into my life just when it was so needed.


"My life has changed with Sarah’s coaching and I know I am already more of the person I have always dreamt of being since I was a little girl. Sarah’s deep compassion, acknowledgement and appreciation of your existence is incredibly inspiring, and I cannot recommend her enough.


She has taught me how to reconnect with my truth and guided me through so many transformational breakthroughs. I now accept all challenges with excitement as I know I will grow and understand even more about my relationship myself”


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