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Alchemy & Aliveness is a 6 month sacred space & embodiment journey for soul-led women ready to unlock the power of their body to bring their visions & creations to life, while alchemizing the resistance & challenges that arise along the way. 

Begins January 22nd 2024

Come home to the aliveness of your body

Receive guidance from your Soul

Create from your deepest truth 

AND feel empowered and lit up doing it!

Lets be honest, it can feel lonely AF at times on the journey of self-discovery and Soul-preneurship.

And without a community of like-minded people who want to see you rise it can be easy to get stuck in the mind...

The stories that arise, of "maybe this isn't for me", "what if this doesn't work", "am I even good enough", "maybe I should just give up now"... can seem so real... Yup we all have them!

When we get stuck in these stories and feel like the mind is running the show, creativity can feel like trying to find a drop of water in the desert. 

OF COURSE we don't feel motivated to share our voice, or create our magick when self judgement, shame & doubt are playing over and over. 

It's time to REMEMBER who the fuck you are.
It's time to Reclaim your power.
Own your medicine.
AND come home to the wisdom that lies within.

Alchemy and Aliveness is a journey to do this THROUGH your body.
So you can get out of the unhelpful loops and access your inner wisdom, your connection to Spirit & free up the energy to actually do what you came here to do in this lifetime.

Because the truth is you are already WORTHY AF
You are already WHOLE
You already have the answers WITHIN YOU

And now is the time to REMEMBER.

If you desire to be part of a Soulful community of heart-leaders, soul-preneurs, creatives & guides, while you come home to yourself, this is the space for YOU.

The 4 Pillars of this journey are:

- A monthly journey to receive visions, insights & clarity, while opening your heart & leading from Soul.

- A monthly journey to come home to the deeper feeling layers of your body, shed outdated beliefs & embody your highest potential through movement.

- A monthly journey to clear energy & emotion that is holding you back, without even needing to know what it is. Release the density and open your channel to receive a higher perspective.

- You don't have to do this alone. This is a space for you to share, reflect, and be held in your celebrations AND your challenges. We are here for ALL OF IT, not just the light and fluffy, but the depths and the rawness of the human experience too!

It would be an absolute honour to share the journey with you!

  • Enhance connection with yourself and all of life

  • Clear what’s holding you back

  • Open to receive

  • Trust yourself and your path


You'll know this is for you if you:

Find yourself getting stuck in the mind, overthinking, or being ruled by logic

Want to access more freedom of expression and use your body to move energy and connect with your intuition

Want to be able to let go of control and create more fun and freedom in your life

Are done with seeking for all the answers “out there” and want to listen within

Want to be held in sacred space each week, where you get to be ALL OF YOU, the beautiful, the messy, the wild, the loving, the fierce, the grieving and everything in between

Are excited by what lies in the unexplored, unexpressed places and want to uncover more of YOU


  • Deepen self trust and ability to follow your intuition/body wisdom

  • Enhance connection with your true self

  • Open up to purpose, potentials & gifts that you may not have accessed before


  • Feel at home in your skin 

  • Move energy and process emotions in a healthy way

  • Ground, center and create states of calm

  • Let go of stories or beliefs that have been holding you back

  • ENHANCE vitality, energy, joy and connection with all of life

  • Connect with a group of incredible souls, who want to see you rise


There is so much potential here for you and I trust that you will receive what is meant for you for this moment in time and that each person will receive what is needed for their highest good and the highest good of all.


You might be someone who...

  • Already has some experience with somatic practices and wants a space to explore, with extra guidance and the time to share and process your experiences.

  • Wants to take what you experience in these journeys into your daily life, with take home practices and ways to continue to support yourself outside of our sessions.

  • Are new to working with the body in this way and want the support and energy of a group that gathers weekly, so you can get to know yourself and others through this time together.

  • Knows that you benefit from accountability and guidance to go deeper into your experiences than you could on your own.

  • Loves the idea of gathering in sacred space every week for 6 weeks, with a like-minded group, where you get to learn from one another.


What is Somatic dance... and do I have to be able to dance??

Somatic dance is a practice that is held with safety and reverence for the human experience, providing a space for non-judgemental exploration through movement/ “dance”. It is an opportunity to gather to reclaim the joy and release of dancing, where all parts of you are welcome.

Somatic Dance is a guided journey into feeling the layers of the body and understanding your conditioned mind. Within this dance space, we invite you to explore and discover at your own pace. Every aspect of the experience is offered as an invitation, honouring your individuality and autonomy.

Our guidelines remain simple and supportive: refrain from consuming alcohol, remove your shoes, and keep your phones aside. Instead, immerse yourself in the power of great music and join our epic tribe as we come together to dance.

Don't fret about following specific steps or perfecting your form, for this dance is not about adhering to rules. It's about embracing the freedom to release yourself to the music and let go of that nagging judging mind. Trust yourself, trust the journey, and allow the dance to unfold naturally.

No, you don't need any "dance experience", or to even think that you "can dance". This is an opportunity to redefine this form of movement and reclaim it for yourself during our time together.


WEEK ONE: Opening Ceremony with Cacao & Breathwork

In our opening session we will open our sacred space together, welcoming your intentions and beginning to feel into how we can access the experience of being held (by life, by this circle, by the earth and by ourselves). We will be welcoming the medicine of Mama Cacao, breath and movement to support this exploration.


WEEK TWO: Somatic Dance Journey

During this session you will explore the connection with yourself and how this allows you to connect with all of life, specifically through embodying the skin you are in. 


WEEK THREE: Somatic Dance Journey

During this session you will explore your connection to the earth and ability to be grounded, so as to bring visions, insights and creations into the physical, specifically through embodying the ancient wisdom of your bones.

WEEK FOUR: Somatic Breathwork Journey

During this session we will explore becoming a clear channel, clearing the path, to allow the release of what’s no longer serving and opening up to receive wisdom and insights.

WEEK FIVE: Somatic Dance and Integrative Breathwork Journey

During this session you will be diving into the heart, to get to know the unique frequency of your heart, as well as the ways you have closed your heart for protection and how to begin to open your heart, to give and receive more love. 

WEEK SIX: Closing Ceremony with Cacao & Somatic Dance

The completion of our journey will tie together what we have embodied in the previous sessions and allow for a letting go into the flow of life, honouring your expansion and letting life flow through you, to live in alignment with your deepest truth and potential. A cacao and somatic dance journey will support this celebration of you.

Sessions may change based on what the group needs.


Each week will include a main embodiment practice as well as smaller practices that you can take home with you, journaling prompts and group sharing.

Sessions are a mixture of tools I have gained over the last 5+ years, including somatic dance, somatic breathwork, gentle integrative breathwork, energy techniques, subconscious belief work & sacred space.


In addition to our weekly embodiment sessions you will receive:

Take home practices delivered via email each week

Journal prompts and discussion points to deepen your exploration

The opportunity to share via group chat in between sessions

2 x group zoom sharing & integration circles


If you want to access more of your potential, open up to wisdom and insights and live in a way that is grounded and centered,

I would be honoured to share this journey with you!


By committing to this journey you are committing to joining for the 6 weeks, this will support you to get the most out of this series and to show up for yourself and your potential even when it feels challenging, uncomfortable, or when obstacles arise. These are all signs that you are on the edge of transformation and I highly encourage you to keep leaning in, to trust this experience, trust yourself and to really show up for what this journey has to offer you.

Allow a deeper wisdom to guide you!

You are here for a reason.

"For a rising that is rooted we MUST inhabit the body

To allow life to caress the edges of the skin,

To anchor into the ancient wisdom of the bones,

To expand and release with each breath,

To openly express the unique frequency of the heart,

And let go into the flow of life,



What untapped potential lies within we do not know

but we know it is as vast and as infinite as creation itself,

We come to explore the edges,

To drop the false masks,

To free the limitations,

To become more of who we came here to be in this life-time,

To ROOT so that we may RISE."



6 X In-Person Group Embodiment Journeys Including:

Opening & Closing Cacao Ceremonies

3 X Somatic Movement Journeys

1 X Somatic Breathwork Session

2 X Group Sharing & Integration Circles

Support via group chat between sessions

Weekly practices delivered via email to support your integration

Option to add 3 x 1:1 zoom sessions with me for personal support and further exploration (contact to discuss)



or $190 p/f

or $95 p/w

"Sarah’s energy is beautiful, gentle, safe and calming. I had a clear intention in mind and Sarah supported me at my own pace to achieve what I wanted plus so much more.


Over the six weeks I released deep emotions and memories through breathing and the given journalling exercises. I didn’t think 'just breathing’ could shift and alter my life so much.


For the first time in my life I feel like I can breathe a full and uninterrupted breath, which feels so good and so energising. These practices are integrating into my everyday life too, with an awareness, ability and confidence to now breathe through it, helping my system to regulate and find calmness sooner than before. Sometimes it takes one big breath other times 5- 10, but it’s so reassuring to know that what ever emotion is being presented it's safe to be acknowledged and I have experienced first hand that it will pass and it feels so good when it does."


"My heart opened right up, my creativity erupted, and so much peace filtered through every cell of my body.

I was reminded of the immense power of our breath to connect us to our higher power, to our wholeness, and to the peace and power that resides deep within each of us."


"I have been attending Sarah’s breathworks for nearly 2 years. Each offering I have come away with something different, with more layers shredded and more of myself unveiled. Every offering with Sarah is unique and magical. Her offerings are truly medicine for the mind, body and soul.

Sarah’s natural ability to make you feel held, seen and safe within the breathworks has allowed me to fully explore the depths of myself.


With Sarah’s gentle guidance, and facilitating I now feel happier, more confident in myself, more centred and grounded. I used to suffer from anxiety and through Sarah’s breathworks, my experiences with anxiety are now very few and far between.


I have learnt how to self-regulate and listen to myself and how I am feeling and to not be afraid anymore of what I may be currently feeling or experiencing within myself.

During the sessions I have cried, laughed, raged and felt a sense of bliss and peace that I never knew was possible. I am now a much happier and content person and I am growing more comfortable in my own power and femininity everyday.

My 8-year-old daughter once said after having a taste of Sarah’s breathwork ‘if everyone learnt to breathe like this and practiced everyday everyone in the world would be happy’.

I encourage anyone that has been thinking about trying one of her cacao and breathwork ceremonies to give it a go. "


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