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Feminine Remembering
A 4 month journey of remembering your innate wholeness, worth and wisdom

A journey for the woman who is remembering. This program includes small group embodiment journeys and personalised 1:1 mentoring, to support you to embody your authentic expression, own your magic and create a life you LOVE.

During our time together you will experience bi-weekly group embodiment journeys including themed breathwork and embodied ecstatic dance, to support you to shed the layers that no longer serve you, to access more of your true self. These sessions are an opportunity to experience how it FEELS to get out of the way and allow Life to flow through you.

During these sessions you may:

> Heal things you didn't even know were there,

> Open up to gifts that have been hidden your whole life,

> Gain access to wisdom, insights and inspiration that change your perspective, or lead you down a whole new path,

> FINALLY accept yourself exactly as you are!

In conjunction with the group sessions, this program includes 8 one on one sessions, for personalised support, accountability and integration, as well as an opening and closing ceremony and group chat to share your experiences.


This program uses my 4 pillar approach to transformation:





As your mindset transforms, you will start to see things differently, open up to new possibilities and let go of beliefs that don't align with what you desire. Our beliefs create our reality, so as you begin to rewire subconscious beliefs, your outer reality will begin to reflect this inner change.

As you embody these new ways of being and have experiences through breathwork and embodied movement that allow you to access more of yourself, you will start to create whole new ways of being that align with who you truly are, rather than past patterns.

As you integrate ceremony into your life, you will start to feel more connected with all of life, you may become more open to your intuition and soul gifts and begin to allow yourself to live from your soul, rather than fears and external conditioning.

Ceremony is a remembrance of who we truly are.

As you embark on this journey will be connected with a small group of other women, who are committed to their own growth and transformation. This connection and support, when others around you may not understand your journey, is like a safe haven, a place to celebrate and a place to rest and receive when things are challenging.

This is for you IF:

> You want to feel at home in your incredible body

> You want to live and lead (your own life, your family, or business) from a heart centered, grounded place

> You want to be able to let go of control

> You know you've been operating from your masculine and want to access more of your feminine energy

> You are willing to put in the work to shed the outdated stories and access more of your true self

> You're done hiding and want to be able to unapologetically live your truth

> What you have read so far has sparked something in you and you are ready to listen to and get even more in touch with the wisdom of your body

This is NOT for you if:

> You aren't prepared to change

> You're not willing to lean in to discomfort in order to grow

> You aren't preapared to show up for yourself and support others along the way

If you desire a high level of support and sacred space holding from someone who has walked this path, I would be absolutely honoured to share this journey with you and hold space for you to access your fullest expression. Your Feminine Remembering.



The journey begins: FEB 26th 2023


Upfront- $4444 

4 payments of- $1555

6 payments of- $815

  • Soul Led Woman

    May 20, 2024 - Sep 28, 2024 • 10 Participants

    NZ$1497.00 or 2 Plans Available

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